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When your family is in flux, life itself can seem uncertain. In this vulnerable phase of life, you need an attorney who is accessible, who understands your challenges, and who will advocate relentlessly for your best interests and those of your children. At The Law Office of Amy R. Harris, our firm takes pride in providing thorough and accessible representation that respects our clients’ time and money. We know what you are going through is hard. We are here to help you arrive at the best result in a way that protects your future, your feelings and your finances.

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Zealous Advocacy For Complex Cases

Not all couples agree on the terms of their separation. Sometimes the conflicts can get quite heated. Whether you are clashing over dividing significant assets or multiple properties, or have very different ideas about the custody of your children, Amy Harris has the experience and reputation to handle it. We don’t shy away from complicated or high-conflict cases. Not every law firm can handle these issues with determination and grace. We want to show you how we can.

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