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Get The Post-Decree Modification That You Need

Eventually, the time may come when you need to modify an existing court order for child custody, visitation or child support. It is possible to petition the court for modification, but the process is not always easy.

The best chance that you have of obtaining the modification you need is to work with a skilled family law attorney. At The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC, our founder, Amy R. Harris, has helped numerous parents and legal guardians seek and acquire post-decree modifications.

When Can I Seek A Modification?

The circumstances in which one parent can seek a modification to an existing custody or support order include:

If you want to learn whether you qualify for a modification, contact The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC in Conroe. In a free consultation, you can sit down with a team member to discuss post-decree modifications.

Family Issues Are Stressful. We Can Provide Relief.

Grappling with the matters of child custody, visitation and support can feel overwhelmingly stressful. That is why Ms. Harris provides more than legal representation; she provides a passionate ear. We understand that you probably feel an urgent need to obtain the modification that you need for your current situation. We will do everything that we can to achieve this goal. 

Discuss How To Get The Modification That You Need

The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC provides free initial consultations. Contact our Conroe office to schedule your free consultation today so that you can discuss modifications. To schedule, call 936-521-2002 or contact us online.