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Helping You Find Positive Solutions In Mediation

If you are facing a family legal problem, you no doubt wish to find a favorable resolution as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. One option for this is mediation. Mediation allows two or more parties to work toward mutually satisfactory outcomes in separation and divorce, modifying a court order or other family law cases.

At The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC, we represent Conroe-area clients at all stages of mediation. Our attorney, Amy R. Harris, will advocate for your best interests while working to maintain a good relationship with the other party. In every situation, our goal is to achieve the best available outcome for you.

What Benefits Does Mediation Offer?

Mediation can offer many benefits compared to traditional litigation, such as:

  • Cost efficiency: Generally, mediation is less expensive than litigation.
  • Time savings: It usually takes less time to reach a solution through mediation than through a trial.
  • Control: Mediation gives each party more control over the final outcome. In a trial, a judge who is a complete stranger issues a final decision.
  • Privacy: The mediation process is private. A trial, however, is a matter of public record.
  • Amicability: Litigation is necessarily adversarial. Mediation, however, can help you remain on cordial terms with the other party.

Is Mediation Right For You?

Many cases can benefit from mediation. You may wish to consider mediation if you and the other party are on amicable terms. This can make it much easier to cooperate and to reach compromises on important issues. If you believe that mediation is right for you, contact The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC. You can discuss mediation with our attorney to learn whether this is the best option for your case.

Find Solutions Through Mediation

If you wish to keep your family problem out of court, then mediation may be right for you. Amy R. Harris is ready to guide you through the mediation process. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 936-521-2002 or send The Law Office of Amy R. Harris PLLC an email.