No one enters into a Texas marriage thinking it may one day run its course. Yet, current divorce rates indicate that many marriages do not last until death. Increasingly, Texas residents entering into marriage are relying on prenuptial agreements as a means of protecting their interests in the event something unanticipated occurs.

While the prospect of a prenuptial agreement may seem anything but romantic, creating one does not mean you lack faith in your marriage. Instead, it indicates that you recognize that no one knows what the future holds and you want to protect yourself accordingly.

Why a prenup is worthy of consideration

You may think you do not have enough assets to warrant a prenup. However, your earning potential and wealth may change over time, and a prenup protects you in the event that you generate considerable wealth during the marriage.

If you and the person you are marrying have different financial habits, a prenup may also help protect you. Texas is a community property state, so in the absence of a prenup, you run the risk of being on the hook for any debts your spouse takes on during the marriage if you split.

Why you should take time to do it right

When drafting your prenup, take the time to do it right. Try to give yourself at least six months to hash out the details before you wed. This gives you a chance to create an agreement that appeases both sides. It also lowers the chances of your spouse potentially challenging its contents in court somewhere down the line.